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The Glasgow Gallery began as a free online gallery in 2015.
When creator of the gallery Michael McCann realised his and other photographer’s work wasn't reaching its intended audience through social media, with that and a lack of affordable gallery space for photographers in Glasgow, Scotland, 

Michael started the website as an online gallery where photographers could send their work and have it featured in the online gallery and where it would be shared with other photographer’s and creatives, the online gallery  so popular that it became a full time undertaking. 

Michael decided that the gallery should become a physical space where photographers can display their work on the walls of a professional gallery.
It took 4 years of searching to find the location for the gallery and in 2019 the Glasgow gallery of photography was born.  A gallery where photographers could submit their work and have it printed and displayed, where a new audience of photographers and creatives could see the work in person.

The gallery also continues to have an online gallery and a space where photographers can now upload the work themselves and share images.


In 6 months the gallery has gone from an trial pop up exhibition to a Gallery with a book and print shop as well as a space that hosts photography talks and events with a few hundred people passing through our doors each week and thousands of online subscribers to our online magazines and website.


We believe in openness and fairness and want photographers from all areas of society to participate, we don't believe in hierarchy or elitism, We want everyone to feel welcome to our gallery to see the work and have and chat with us and us photography questions and gain advice and help.

Your questions for us or comments on how we can improve are always welcome.