Popular questions we often get asked

Q: Why do I need to pay a participation fee?
A: The participation fee, covers the cost of your image being printed, sometimes the framing of your image, the stuff that holds your image on the wall, the use of the gallery, rent, electricity, rates, advertising, the website the hosts your image, the fee's to cover the transaction, hanging costs, security (yes really) postage, VAT etc etc.It all adds up and we never charge more than we need.
We are a not for profit gallery.

Q: Where is the Gallery?

A: 57 Glassford Street, Glasgow G1 1UG

Q: How do I submit?

A: Follow the instructions on the submission page.

Q: Will you send me images of my work on Display?
A: We can't do this for every single photographer individually as we are a working gallery, and are often busy doing other day to day stuff in the gallery and dealing with visitors to the gallery, so please follow our social networking channels and we will be posting pictures of EVERYONES work and videos throughout the duration on the exhibition, We also post the images on our website at the end of each exhibition. Please don't email us or message us asking us to do this, We will post images and videos of the exhibition so you will be able to see your work, we know not everyone can visit the gallery, so we will do our best as fast as we can to post images from the exhibition.

It’s important to follow us on Social Media so you can see everything that is going on with the exhibition.






Q: Can you send us the framed prints after the exhibition?
A: No, The frames belong to the gallery and are very expensive. and we don't always use them.

Q: Will you sell my work?
A: Yes, Once the new gallery reopens, You choose how much you sell your work for  and you receive 90% of the sale, We take 10% to cover the costs of the sale (Admin/processing fee and things like packaging and postage)

Q: What happens to our images afterwards?
A: International work is destroyed to protect the rights of the photographer and prevents the work from being sold.  without the photographers permission. Local photographers will be held for 1 month so it can be collected, after which any work not collected will also be destroyed.
This protects everyone rights.

Q: Can I collect my print after the exhibition or can someone collect it for me?
A: Yes. If you or they are local, just let us know and we will try and have it ready for you/then we will hold it for 1 month, then if not collected it will be destroyed.


Q: Can you post our prints to us?
A:  No, because of the amount of photographers in each exhibition, the cost alone it would put the gallery under significant financial strain, we are a non profit gallery so all money we make goes into running the exhibitions and paying for the gallery space.

Q: What if I offer to pay postage?

A: No Sorry, We don’t have the time to do this we are a very busy gallery sometimes organising upto 5 exhibitions at a time, constant trips to the post office would not be easy for us. However this rule may change in 2022.

Q: Who chooses the size and the way the work is presented?
A: The gallery team, and the curator has final say, we will always do our best to make sure your work is presented at its best. Every exhibition is always different to the last, However we never change or edit a photographers work. However it may sometimes need to be resized or cropped on very rare occasions to fit the frame.

Q: Who prints the work?
A: Once we have everyones correct files we send them all away to an independent printer, We use several different companies, depending on our needs.

Q: Why do you use JPEGS?
A: This is because this is what most printing companies ask for.

Q: What size of File should I send?
A: Always 300ppi and at least 1600 pixels on the longest side.
If it is a phone image, please tell us on your submission.